Miami Brewing Company is a family-owned artisanal brewery that has been crafting artisanal beer in Miami, Florida since 2011. This blog post will explore what craft beer is, why it is becoming more popular and how you can try the best one at Miami Brewing Company!

So, what exactly is a craft beer and how is it different from the usual beers we find at a supermarket?

Craft Beer

Craft beer is artisanal and made from all-natural ingredients. It also uses a dynamic process of brewing that includes many more steps than the usual beers we find at supermarkets, where they are typically brewed according to a pre-set recipe with less care for quality. In contrast, craft breweries have much greater control over their brewing processes and can create very unique beers using even more special ingredients, including exotic tropical fruits.

Rise of the Love for the Craft

Lately, artisanal beer has been gaining popularity. People are becoming more and more interested in craft beers because they have a better flavor, as well as a story behind them that consumers can connect with. Craft breweries often experiment with different ingredients to give their beers a unique taste which usually cannot be found at other types of brewery. For example, Miami Brewing Company uses the amazing exotic tropical fruits South Florida and the Redlands have to offer to make their unique beers. Ingredients such as lychee and coconut make their flagship beers irresistible to true beer lovers.

How is Craft Beer Made?

Craft beer starts as malted barley. The malt is then mashed and boiled with water in order to convert the starch into sugars. After that, yeast is added which causes fermentation of these sugars, turning them into alcohol over a period of days or weeks depending on what type of brew it will be. Finally, the beer is clarified and filtered before being packaged.

Some craft breweries also add fruit or other ingredients to the mix, such as Miami Brewing Company’s signature Shark Bait made with coconuts! The brewery has an artisanal approach to brewing which includes many steps that are rarely found in a typical factory-style production. They take their time with every batch and pour their heart and soul into the creation of all their beers.

Seasonal Craft Beer

Craft Beer is so special, some of it can only be made in specific seasons. Miami Brewing Company is home to many artisanal beers that are only available during the appropriate season. For example, they brew a special beer “Lychee Habanero” that can only be brewed when these two ingredients are in season and perfectly ripe.

Fun Facts About Craft Beer

Did you know? Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Barack Obama were all homebrewers! Now THAT’S some Presidential LOVE for the CRAFT!

Now that you know more about Craft Beer, how about heading to Miami Brewing Company to try some for yourself? The Taproom offers beer tastings every single day, so you can always walk in and try four of their beers plus your favorite pint to finish!

Welcome home, craft beer lovers.

Miami Brewing Company is a family owned brewery that makes artisanal beer out of exotic tropical fruits from South Florida, in the heart of the Redlands. They have several beers ranging from pale ales, brown ales, blonde ales, and much more.

This might all sound fine and dandy for beer connoisseurs, but if you are sitting here wondering: What do IPA’s taste like? What does a lager taste like? What’s the difference between an ale and a lager? Here you’ll find all the information you need to know about their different brews and how they taste.

Miami Brewing Company has all your answers!

Beers start out as either an ale or a lager, and from there, they can be divided in many other types of beer depending on many things such as their alcohol level, taste, and color.


Lagers are usually light and a little malty. These are the entry point for new beer drinkers. Lagers are easy to drink and have a cleaner, crisper taste than ales.


Ales are often darker in color with more of an intense flavor profile. These beers are usually sweeter due to the use of sugar during fermentation that can give them hints of caramel or nutty flavors.


Indian Pale Ales, or IPAs are the most popular type of ale. They have a lot more hops and bitterness than lagers, but they also pack flavor in their own way. They may have herbal, citrus or fruity flavors. These can be a bit more bitter and have a higher alcohol level than others. The perfect entryway into the world of artisanal beer! Miami Brewing Company offers their VICE IPA, a beer with light crisps and citrus aromas on a malty backbone with fruity hop notes on the nose.

American Brown Ales

American Brown Ales are beers with malt on the front end of a classic brown ale. They have light caramel or nutty flavors that are satisfying with an easy drinkability and nice balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. At Miami Brewing Company you can find Gator Tail Brown Ale, a beer that pours a deep brown velvety and creamy head with roast aromas of coffee and chocolate that carry to the flavors.

Classic Blonde Ales

Classic Blonde Ales are lighter in color and has more subtle flavors. They are a little citrusy and light in flavor. It will sometimes have added fruit or spices, but for the most part, a balance between hops and malt lends the beer a simple light-bodied taste that. You can find this beer at Miami Brewing Company if you try Big Rod Coconut Ale, a Classic Blonde Ale with generous additions of coconut and sweet caramel malts giving the beer a delightful tropical character.

Other Beers

Miami Brewing Company also offers other artisanal beers that are only made seasonally, such as their Imperial Russian Stout, and Lychee Habanero, as well as Porters and Wheat Ales.

We’ll continue talking about types of beers in our next article! Meanwhile, visit Miami Brewing Company for a BEER TASTING, where you can have four 4oz beers to try, plus your favorite pint to finish! This article will make you seem like a beer pro when you visit!


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