Miami Brewing Company is a brewery that has been crafting beers with local ingredients since 2011. The company started in the heart of South Florida, Homestead, which is located in the Redlands. They wanted to create beers that were true representations of the flavors and culture found there. It was inspired by all of the amazing things in Miami, from its beaches to its food trucks, the vibrant colors and flavors from all over the world. These inspirations are what helped them create their truly unique specialty beers!

With subtropical weather all year round, Miami Brewing Company sources the freshest and most exotic fruits for their beers, grown in the Redlands. From beer with a mango finish, to coconut flavors, these beers will surely make you think of Miami every time you drink them.

The brewery is located in a converted warehouse, so its spaciousness means it doesn’t get too crowded. The taproom has plenty of room for groups to gather around the tables and barstools or play games in their pool tables.

The Taproom is open every day, offering unique events almost daily. From DJ nights, to their staple Country Night Line Dancing on Fridays, karaoke, and much more! There truly is something to do for everybody at the Taproom.

They also offer beer tastings to you can get a taste of all their beers. These are perfect for beer lovers that are not afraid to try something new and want to experiment. Beer tastings include a flight of beer with four 4oz beers to try, plus your favorite pint to finish for just $20!

Miami Brewing Company offers their staple beers year round, and also has seasonal beers depending on the fruits and flavors that are available at the time.

The staple beers in the brewery include:

Big Rod Coconut Blonde Ale: Coconut, caramel, and vanilla flavors with a slightly sweet finish and overall smoothness

Shark Bait Mango Wheat Ale: A malt with a smooth delivery and a mango finish

Miami Vice India Pale Ale: Flavors of citrus, pine, and herbs mix smoothly, providing a dry sweet finish

Gator Tail Brown Ale: Chocolate and coffee combine for a velvet delivery with a rich feelNow you know! Miami Brewing Company is a unique experience with so much to offer for all beer lovers, fun events and the chillest vibe that will keep you asking for more. Visit to discover all events!

Brewery Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: Noon-6pm
Thursday: Noon-9pm
Friday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-9pm

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