This past Memorial Day, Miami Brewing Company hosted a fundraising event for the Wounded Warrior Project: Memorial Day Fundraising Event!The event featured a 7 Mile Ruck early in the morning, and finished with a super fun, never before seen experience for the Brewery: Goat Yoga!Visitors were able to enjoy a sunny day outside, with the Taproom’s fun Grafitti containers as a background, and stretch away with their friendly goat friends. Goat yoga is a new way of doing yoga, and it’s a great experience for both adults and kids alike.

Visitors were also able to feed the baby goats with some milk and baby bottles!The best part of the day was the fundraising part. Even though it was a free event, the Brewery accepted donations for the Wounded Warrior Project, a project that helps war veterans in need.Visitors enjoyed all the fun activities throughout the day, and everyone was glad to be able to help out with such an important cause. The best part? Artisanal Beers by Miami Brewing Company were available for all!If you missed the fun Goat Yoga event, don’t worry! The Brewery will hold another Goat Yoga class on Saturday, June 5th. Tickets are on sale online!

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