Day of the Dead Celebration at Miami Brewing Company

Day of the Dead

Miami Brewing Company celebrated the Day of the Dead this past Saturday, November 6th. The event was a success! This celebration is an important Mexican tradition that honors the dead instead of mourning them.

It was the first annual celebration at the brewery of this now traditional Florida Day of the Dead celebration, closing a week of festivities all over South Florida.

USA Today has called the Florida Day of the Dead celebration “one of the top Day of the Dead celebrations in the USA” and for good reason! Artists and artisans all over flock to Florida to create the amazing illusion of grandeur and honor for the dead.

A little background, first:

What is Day of the Dead?

On Day of the Dead, it is believed that the gateway between Mictlan, the ancient Aztec land of the dead, and our own opens up so we can dance and sing with our lost loved ones for one special time of year! A Mexican tradition that has been popularized all over the world, and especially in our country because of the beautiful meaning and comforting feeling of having our loved ones that are gone near us again.

The Florida Celebration

For 12 years, the Florida Day of the Dead celebration has been one of the best celebrations of this day in all of the United States. A creative spectacle honoring Mexican and Latin American traditions while generating modern interpretations that connect a broad spectrum of people. The event seeks to embrace a universe of ideas from legions of talented skull inspired artists, mariachi musicians, painted performers and enthusiastic skeleton-clad revelers. 

First Miami Brewing Company Celebration

Miami Brewing Company was the final step of the week-long celebration! With live mariachi music, DJ’s, a live performance by Southern Stampede, everyone was singing and dancing throughout the day.


The Puppets

Plus, AMAZING puppets by master puppeteer Jim Hammond from Puppet Network made an appearance! Jim has created incredible puppets for many events, including the acclaimed and masterful puppets from Broadway’s The Lion King. These puppets were on display on stage in an unforgettable skull presentation at Miami Brewing Company.

The event also featured Mexican folklore dances and Ballet Folklorico, and skull inspired face painting for all in attendance. 

It truly was an unforgettable experience! Looking forward to next year’s event, check out some pictures of the amazing day!

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