If you love artisanal craft beers, then you will want to visit Miami Brewing Company. They specialize in making artisanal craft beer that is perfect for people who are looking for something different. Their beers are made with high quality ingredients and they have a very talented brewmaster. This brewery is one of the best places to go if you love artisanal craft beer! There are many reasons to visit this amazing brewery, from their truly unique beers, to the place it is located in.

Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Miami Brewing Company’s taproom!


When visiting Miami, you truly need to take the trip down to Homestead, in South Florida. Homestead is a city within Miami Dade Country, between Biscayne National Park and the Everglades. Homestead is the second oldest city in Miami Dade County, second only to the city of Miami. It is located 25 miles southwest of Miami, and 24 miles northwest of Key Largo.

Before visiting Miami Brewing Company’s Taproom to enjoy a beer, you can visit many beautiful places in Homestead. You definitely need to check out the incredible Coral Castle, built by Ed Leedskalnin in 1923 and regarded as one of the most unique places on earth! The Coral Castle is very noted thanks to legends that say Ed built the Coral Castle by himself, using only the strength of his own body and supernatural abilities. Neat, no?

You can also visit the Everglades National Park, which is a United States National Park located in southern Florida. It was established to protect the Everglades, which are subtropical wetlands that include sawgrass prairies and cypress swamps. The park’s main purpose is to restore at least portions of the original ecosystem within it as well as preserving wildlife that has become endangered or threatened due to human activity.

Of course, don’t forget the Everglades Alligator Farm, South Florida’s oldest alligator farm and the best airboat attraction in the area. The Alligator Farm is a unique and exciting place to visit. It is one of Homestead’s most popular attractions, where you can see alligators up close in the gator pits with trained guides!

Of course, once you’ve had enough fun at these places, it will be time for some artisanal beer from Miami Brewing Company!

Their taproom is close by to all these attractions, and the best way to end your exciting day visiting Homestead…with a cold beer in hand!


Miami Brewing Company’s Beer is like no other you’ve ever tried before. Using Miami as their inspiration, they challenge themselves daily by unlocking new taste combinations using fruits, spices, and herbs. They are Miami’s first production craft brewery! They have an artisanal approach to their beers, which is the most important thing in today’s craft beer world!

Their artisanal beers are made with high quality ingredients and they go through a very unique process. They try out different combinations until they create something that tastes perfect for you.

Also, since the Brewery is located in The Redlands, a very fertile land in South Florida, they are able to grow delicious exotic tropical fruits and spices and use them in their artisanal beers. This is why you will find the most amazing, unique flavors of beer here! Miami Brewing Company has a wide selection to choose from, including their flagship beers.


-Big Rod Coconut Ale

A delicious golden ale with an amazing balance of coconut and caramel that will surprise your taste buds.


One of Miami Brewing Company’s most famous beers. A smooth wheat ale that pours a clean deep golden hue. Aromas of light grains with lemony notes on the nose, finishing with a secret mix of tropical fruits. Incredible!


Inspired in the look and feel of Miami Vice, this beer is an American Indian Pale Ale that pours a light straw color with a fluffy white head. Light citrus aromas on a malty backbone with fruity hop notes on the nose make this beer a must try when visiting the Taproom.


Who can forget the alligator inspiration? Gator Tail is an American Brown Ale that pours a deep brown velvety and creamy head. Roast aromas of coffee and chocolate carry to the flavors and will keep you asking for more.


Miami Brewing Company is not a tiny, crowded Taproom. With 10,000sqft it’s actually the biggest taproom in South Florida! This Taproom has a lot of space, so you can have fun with family and friends while still having room to breathe. There are plenty of tables indoors as well as in the outdoor area! The games inside will keep everyone entertained for hours on end – try out some cornhole or pool while you’re there!

They have amazing events weekly, so whenever you visit you’ll find something fun to do.

On Thursdays, they hold a Game Night with Ladies Night, where you can play cornhole, pool, or Giant Jenga while enjoying your beer. Plus, ladies can enjoy $3 craft beer starting at 6pm.

Fridays are for Country Night! If you’ve ever wanted to learn line dancing, then this is the perfect way to do it. The Taproom has a special teacher so you can learn how to line dance in style! Every Friday from 8pm to 12am.

On Saturdays you can get those pipes ready and liquid courage flowing with your beer, because the taproom has a KARAOKE NIGHT! Starting at 7pm every Saturday, with top 40 Billboard hits that everyone loves!

If you’re up for some dancing, Sundays are perfect for it! Latin Nights starting at 5pm, with beloved Latin music like reggaeton, bachata, salsa, and much more.


Ah, the beer flights. What better way to actually get to know all the artisanal beer on tap than by trying them all?

Beer flights are a great way to discover artisanal beers, as they’re small samples of everything on tap.

With Miami Brewing Company’s Beer Flight you will be able to taste any four artisanal beers from their Tap Room! You can choose between the Flagship Beers and a selection of rotating seasonals.

You’ll get four 4oz beers to try, plus a pint of your favorite to finish the right way!


Now you know! If you’re up for delicious and unique artisanal beer, plus fun activities and a beautiful place, Miami Brewing Company has EVERYTHING!

From a fun trip to take down to Homestead, a hidden gem in South Florida, to an incredible Taproom unlike any other, with a wide range of activities for the whole family.

Whether it’s for date night or just to have fun with friends, Miami Brewing Company is the place to go. Miami Brewing Company is located at 30205 SW 217th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030, US and they are open from Monday to Sunday.

Their hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday: Noon-6pm

Thursday: Noon-9pm

Friday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight

Sunday: Noon-9pm

See you at Miami Brewing Company! Cheers!

Brewery Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: Noon-6pm
Thursday: Noon-9pm
Friday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-9pm

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