11 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

Craft Beer is hot right now. But craft beer isn’t just a trend – it’s the future of brewing. Craft beer production has increased by double digits for the past three years and craft breweries are on track to produce over 16 million barrels this year alone!

This is why Miami Brewing Company’s amazing artisanal beers are slowly but surely becoming the best beers to try in South Florida. From their incredible flavors, to amazing ingredients like their homegrown exotic tropical fruits, this brewery is definitely going to blow you away if you’re ever in the area.

If you’re looking to join the craft brew revolution, we’ve got 11 reasons why you should jump on board and start drinking craft beer today:

1) It tastes better than regular American lagers

Craft beer is just more flavorful. Period. Craft beers have a stronger, deeper flavor profile than mass-produced lagers. These types of beers are made with special ingredients that you won’t find in regular beer, like the Miami Brewing Company’s craft beers that use homegrown fruits like dragon fruit, lychee and passionfruit.

This is why craft beer tastes better than mass-produced lagers – they’re not afraid to experiment with special ingredients in order to craft an amazing flavor profile!

2) There are so many flavors to choose from

Craft brewers don’t just brew regular beer – they craft something special. That’s why craft beers come in so many different flavors, like Miami Brewing Company’s craft beers that use homegrown fruits to create an amazing flavor profile!

Some examples of the types of craft beers available are India Pale Ales (IPAs), Imperial or Double IPAs, Porters, Stouts, Saisons and even seasonal craft beers that are only brewed during particular times of the year.

This is why craft beer tastes better than mass-produced lagers – there’s a craft beer for everyone!

3) You can taste more of what went into making your drink

Artisanal beer is just specially brewed, with brewmasters putting a lot of effort and knowledge to make something truly special. This craftsmanship is evident in each bottle, can or pint.

Craft brewers take pride in their work and this shows up when you taste what they’ve put into making your drink.

4) You’ll feel like a real crafty (drinking) boss when you drink craft beers

Drinking craft beer is awesome. It’s an experience all on its own, which makes craft beers the perfect drink to have at your next social gathering or just when you’re looking for a new way to unwind after work.

Plus, you will get to learn more about beer in general! Understanding the difference between a lager, a stout and an IPA will for sure make you the most popular friend within your group! You can even host a beer tasting party at home and get your friends to learn more about beer.

5) Craft beer is a crafty way to get tipsy

You can’t really go wrong with craft beers. They’re just so tasty that you’ll want more, which means you might drink too much without even realizing it! But hey, who’s complaining? This special type of brew will definitely keep your night going and give the party an extra kick!

Craft beers are not only tasty, but also have a higher alcohol content that makes them perfect for those who love their drinks strong. Most craft beers have an ABV of about six percent or more!

This special type of brew will definitely keep your night going and give the party an extra kick!

6) Unique ingredients can go a long way in flavor

Craft brewers use special ingredients to craft their products. You’ll be surprised at how different craft beers can taste just by changing the type of hops, malt or yeast that they use!

Even if you’re not a beer connoisseur, this is why craft beer tastes better than mass-produced lagers – craft breweries are much more special and can have incredible flavors! For example, some can have a chocolate-y finish, some may be brewed with some honey, and some can even have a spicy taste!

Miami Brewing Company brews incredible artisanal beer in South Florida with the local ingredients the area they’re in has to offer: the Redlands. The Redlands are famous for having a special, red soil where delicious fruits and vegetables grow.

This is why Miami Brewing Company chooses to brew their beers with the incredible exotic tropical fruits from South Florida: lychees, starfruit, coconut, and even, sometimes, habaneros!

7) Craft beer is best enjoyed with craft food

Since craft beers are much more special than regular lagers, they need to go well with something really special in order to unleash their full potential. This is why craft breweries also make incredible artisanal craft foods that will fully complement the flavors of your drink!

At Miami Brewing Company, you can pair your beers with amazing food trucks, for example, Fridays Latin Fixins prepares incredible food like their lomo saltado burger!

8) Craft breweries are super fun!

Craft breweries are fun! Not only will you get to drink amazing artisanal beers, but also learn more about how they’re made. Most breweries offer tours and opportunities for visitors to observe the process of making their drinks from start to finish! At Miami Brewing Company, you’ll be able to learn about their beer making process, plus, try a beer flight where you can try four of their beers and finish with your favorite pint.

There’s no better way to discover new beers!

9) Craft breweries are eco-friendly

One craft brewery saves up to 15,000 gallons of water every single year! Meanwhile, huge commercial breweries waste a lot of water every year, plus, they contribute to pollution. The environment will be thankful that you drink craft beer instead of regular lagers.

This incredible craft brew uses 100 percent renewable energy, which means they are good for the environment!

11) Craft beers make great gifts!

Craft breweries craft their beer with love and passion. You can’t find craft brewers that don’t care about the quality of what’s inside your glass. Plus, there is no better gift than a craft brewery tour because you get to try craft beer and craft food!

At Miami Brewing Company, you can enjoy beer flight every single day. They also have a lot of fun events every week! On Fridays, line dancing classes, Saturdays Karaoke and Sunday Latin Nights!

This way, your friends and family can enjoy craft beer like they deserve!

Visit Miami Brewing Company and discover the amazing world of craft beer. Open daily.

Brewery Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: Noon-6pm
Thursday: Noon-9pm
Friday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-9pm

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